Are you ready for your first ride in a Hopper?

How To Ride

To request a ride, use our mobile app or just wave down a car from within the service area.

Our safe and friendly drivers will drop you off anywhere within our service area.


Sunday- Thursday:
11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Friday- Saturday:
11:00 am – 12:00 am

Do you have a question?
Check out our ridership FAQ.

How does Hopper Carts work?

Hopper Carts uses a fleet of electric shuttles to give eco-friendly on-demand rides around downtown and Short North. The service is free for riders though we encourage tipping the driver. Tips can be made in cash or through PayPal once your ride is complete.

How is it free to ride?

Hopper Carts operates on a sponsorship model. Your ride will be provided for by companies that care about the community.

How do I ride?

Download our app from the Google Play or Apple Store. The app works just like Uber or Lyft within our service area. Select your destination and request a ride.

If you see one on the street you can hail them down. App calls will always be a priority.

Where can I go?

Our service area can be found here(link). You can go from point a to point b within our service area. If you want to go from your house in Italian Village to 16-Bit, we can do it!

How long does it take to pick me up?

We recommend requesting a Hopper 8-10 minutes before you need us. Our app updates you with the location of the vehicle and a timer. We recommend adding a minute or two, as our vehicles have a max speed of 25mph.

Why can’t I connect with a driver?

The app will not connect you with a driver while all drivers are currently giving rides. After 90 seconds of waiting, we recommend canceling and waiting a few minutes to try again. Once a driver opens up, the app will connect.

Sometimes, demand for rides exceeds our capabilities. Unlike other rideshare services, we will never surge our prices during busy hours – since we don’t charge you anyways, it would be pretty tough to do.. . The tradeoff is that you may have to wait a little longer for ride availability during those times.

How many people fit in a vehicle?

Our vehicles comfortably fit 5 passengers with individual forward facing seats and three point seat belts.

Are the carts electric?

The vehicles are fully electric. We keep the vehicles in a constant rotation to make sure there are always vehicles on the road.

The vehicles have zero tail pipe emissions. Our service help keep 100’s of tons of harmful c02 out of the air every year.How many vehicles are in the fleet?

We currently have 4 vehicles in our fleet. We are still in a 60 day test period. We are expanding the fleet after the end of the test period.

Should I tip? How can I tip?

Yes, the drivers are paid in tips. You can tip in cash or through PayPal at the end of your ride. Be considerate of their time, they are giving you an awesome experience around Columbus.

How much gas does using The Hopper save?

It’s not just FREE—it’s fun & eco-friendly!


Gallons Daily

Daily Gas Savings

That's $247.50 a day that gets put back into the local Columbus economy.


Gallons Monthly

Monthly Gas Savings

Or an extra 58,675 miles of green travel.


Gallons Yearly

Yearly Gas Savings

Whoa. That’s 697,050 miles—enough to go to the moon and back!

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